We focus on complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are charged extra by mistake or have paid twice for the service unknowingly, we will refund the money to you, provided the reasons are correct and proved after the investigation. Please read the terms and policy before using Sudoku Master App's in purchase feature; it provides all the details on how we collect the data and how you make the payment.

In case the clients have purchased the paid app features and are not happy with it, clients have no liberty to get a refund from us. Clients can expect refund only if they have made payment twice or have made a payment of the large amount by mistake.

Our policy for refund and cancellation of service are as follows:

The App has one-time payment and allows you to have access to unlimited games. We may change our payment policies giving prior notice to the user. The cancellation of service is on user request. In case you are not happy with the service or facing any issue with the rewards we offer, you can contact us at info@webuters.com or sudoku@mindstrick.com

Refund Policy

We give refund only if the payment is made twice or a large amount has been paid then the service charge. Payments refund will be made to the user account.