Q: What is the aim of this Sudoku App?

Sudoku is surely a mind refreshment that makes your brain think logically and strategically. This game of Sudoku aims to give a required daily boost to your brain. It comes in three difficulty levels, easy, normal and hard. Start with the easiest and let your brain grow logically and strategically with the game.

Q: How to Login to the App?

The App has one tap login. Login using your Facebook or Gmail id and have a brain boosting time for a while.

Q: What is Today’s Sudoku?

Playing a game is never boring when you have something new and more challenging every day. To serve your brain with a new challenge every day, you get a daily Sudoku to solve. Today’s Sudoku feature brings a new Sudoku for you every day.

Q: What is Practice Sudoku?

“Practice makes a man perfect” so practice Sudoku, test and grow your game skills before you take a step towards playing championships. Practice Sudoku has three levels: Easy, Normal and Hard, you can choose to sharpen your skills.

Q: What are Championship?

Sudoku Championships are to compete with thousands of players across the globe. Winning championships will get you rewards and the sense of accomplishment.

Q: How to know about Previous and Upcoming Championship?

Championship feature of the app shows you all previous, ongoing and upcoming championship. Every information is available on a tap of a button.

Q: Can I see number of games I have played?

With “Games Played” option you get to see games you have played today, yesterday, in the week and in the month. Along with the number of games you have won in those period.

Q: Can I see list of Champions?

With “Champions” option you can see the list of champions that are topping the championships.

Q: How to earn rewards?

Inviting a friend to download the App can get you rewards. Also, you get amazing rewards for winning championship.

Q: Are there any game helper options?

Under “Settings” option you have game helpers through which you can choose to highlight wrong values and completed numbers. As well as you can choose to display count of each number placed.

Q: What is “My Statistics”?

“My Statistics” option will show you weekly report of the total games you have played so far. It also shows the weekly progress made in easy, normal and hard games.

Q: How to invite friends to Play?

“Invite Friends” option allows users to share the app with their friends and invite them for playing championships. And guess what? Your friend joining the app using your referral code can get you reward points.